Douglas MartucciThe Hawaiian history goes back before the Christ. Islands were colonized by Polynesians which were isolated from the Western influences until the 1780s. Westerners helped to unite islands into a Kingdom which brought peace to Hawaii. However, they also brought diseases that decimated Polynesians.

The isolation of Hawaii from outside influences created a rich culture that is closer to Oceania than anything else. One of the best things about Hawaiians is that they preserved a lot of their early culture which you can see in art pieces artists have produced. And many ancient forms of art are still present in modern Hawaii as individuals preserve those types of art by not letting them disappear.

Hawaii has a strong Polynesians culture due to the roots of the early Hawaiians that settled islands from Oceania. This is why Hawaiian culture has a lot of similarities with the customs of Oceania’s island states. However, Hawaii was isolated from outside influences for more than seven centuries which is why its culture differs from anything else in Oceania.