Biggest Hawaiian Festivals You Should Attend

It’s safe to say that Hawaiian natives are known for their cheerful nature. This cheerfulness spreads among foreigners as well, which is why many people decide to stay in Hawaii rather than move away from the place. This is why you won’t see many native Hawaiians that live somewhere else as there isn’t a better alternative to Hawaii.

This state was always known as a home to cultural festivals. And believe me, Hawaiians take their celebrations seriously. It’s just impossible to attend one of their festivals and have a terrible time during the same. The energy, music, rhythm, and people turn a dull day into something majestic. You might not know how to dance, but during a Hawaiian festival you will go out there and dance like a professional.

Festivals you shouldn’t miss

Festivals you shouldn’t missMerrie Monarch Festival is held in honor of the last Hawaiian monarch that had a massive love for traditions of his ancestors and the art they created. This festival is considered as “hula’s Olympics’ and is all about dancing. You can enjoy professional hula dancers that execute beautiful dancing routines every day of the festival.

But, Merrie Monarch Festival celebrates dancing which means that everyone can become a part of it. You can go alone and enjoy dance, or join a group of dancers and try your best to enjoy it. No one will judge you no matter how bad at dancing you are. The only thing native Hawaiians will do is teaching you how to dance. So, if you happen to be in Hawaii in April then head to the Hilo and enjoy in life and everything it has to offer.

Aloha Festivals – Celebration of the Hawaiian heritage

Aloha Festival is a name for several smaller festivals that happen one after another on all Hawaiian Islands. It celebrates the spirit of Aloha, Hawaiian Culture and the diversity of traditions and customs that Hawaii is known for. Each Hawaiian Island has one week full of events that celebrate its history, figures and everything else that is important for denizens of the same. The party moves to another island as soon as the week passes and this continues until every island has its seven days of celebration.

If you don’t have time to visit the festival on every island, then you should focus on the biggest festival in this event which is the Oahu’s celebration. This happens at the end of the whole thing, and people from other islands come to the streets of Waikiki to enjoy in various types of entertainment this place has to offer. If you decide to visit this festival, don’t forget to attend the floral parade as it is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life.