Famous Hawaiian Artists and Their Works

Hawaii has extraordinary landscapes that have been an inspiration for artists for more than one thousand years. Both native people and Westerners have created beautiful pieces of art that were inspired by both the landscape of Hawaii and its rich culture. Many prominent Westerners visited Hawaii to get inspirations from those islands and artwork created by Hawaiians.

The quality and the quantity of art that was inspired by Hawaii are more significant than you can imagine. Both the art by natives and westerners paid homage to different aspects of Hawaii. This article will give you a snippet of info about some of the greatest Hawaiian artists as well as those that moved to Hawaii and used it as an inspiration to push their art game to the next level.

Notable Hawaiian artists

It might be strange, but one of the (if not the) most prominent artists on Hawaii is Satoru Abe, a Japanese artist that is considered as “the grandfather of the Honolulu art scene.” He, along with several other now prominent Japanese artists got their education in the New York City after which he chose to return to Hawaii and use the knowledge he gained to develop his art style and promote Hawaiian culture. He is 90 years old at the moment and is still creating art. He produced more than five thousand pieces which you can check out in many different venues all across the Honolulu as well as New York City.

Notable Hawaiian artistsIf you ever saw an oil or acrylics depiction of a Hawaiian landscape or women, then there is a high possibility that the artist is the Cornelia Macintyre Foley. She was a great painter that used sensuality in combination with a bit of mystery to depict her view of the essence of what it means to be a human. Her early works were inspired by the Hawaiian culture even though the art world didn’t recognize those works until 1992.

Jean Charlot was a famous French painter that found his way to Hawaii. He did a lot of his work in the USA and Mexico, but a turn of events made him settle down in Hawaii. He chose to settle there because he hated constant traveling. This resulted in him becoming one of the most respected and known artists for three decades that he spent there. His inspiration came from tradition and the culture of Hawaii, especially the pahu, a drum that is featured in several of his best-known works.

Hawaii – An inspiration for greatness

Hawaii has been an inspiration for great people to create beautiful pieces of art for a long time. Many artists decided to settle down in Hawaii after a visit or two because it captivated them as well as inspired them to create great art. Some of those people came to vacation and found out that Hawaii is a perfect place at which they can improve theirs by working at such an inspiring location.