The Top Hawaiian Museums You Should Visit

The geographical location of Hawaii as well as its culture, history, and heritage placed in a favorable position when it comes to the number of things it has in its museums. The natural ecosystems of Hawaii are unique which adds to the sheer number of exciting things you will find in this state.

However, the sheer number of museums doesn’t mean that there are exciting things in every one of those. And, you will probably have a limited amount of time which means that the number of places you will visit is small. Knowing which museum holds fascinating things as well as things you are interested in is essential in managing to see everything you want.

Most famous museums in Hawaii

Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum is the most famous building of its type. It’s a vast museum complex that hosts many different artifacts and collections across an array of departments. This museum contains the biggest insect collection in the USA, with more than 13,5 million insects in one building. One of the highlights of this place is the biggest Polynesian artifact collection in the whole world.

This museum also has departments dedicated to Science where you can visit a Whole center called Science Adventure Center.  You can also see a planetarium show that is inspired by Hawaiian navigation. This is perfect for those travelers that have kids as young people love this show.

If you are interested in space and its secrets, then Hawaii is a perfect place for you. Some of the most advanced telescopes are in this state due to the lack of light pollution and low humidity. The best view of the clear sky is located at the summit of Mauna Key which is located on the Big Island. This is why a visit to the Imiloa Astronomy Center is a must to all astronomy lovers. This is a place that will take your breath away as it allows you to take a peek at the Hawaiian navigation technique as well as the origin of our universe.

The only royal palace in the USA

Iolani Palace is the single royal residence in the United States of America. King Kalakaua built in back in 1882. It had everything from telephones to running water and electricity years before the completion of the White House. This building became a capitol building when the monarchy in Hawaii fell.

However, you can visit this building out as it got turned into a museum in 1978. This followed the complete restoration of the building that restored it to its monarchic days. Visiting this place will give you a sneak-peek into the lives of Hawaiian monarchy as well as military assets of the said time.